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Stoke Prior base

Their has been a Black Prince base at Stoke Prior since 1980 when they took over from Tolladine. The inherited fleet were a little unusual in appearance with quite tall superstructures. These craft became Destroyer, Cruiser & Battleship classes and were kept on a little while though were soon distributed between other bases and standard Black Prince classes introduced.

In 1987, when Black Prince changed hands Stoke Prior replaced Whixall as the head office and bookings centre for the fleet.

Soon after it would also replace Welford in becoming the site where the craft were fitted out (with Chirk also fitting some at times), and Black Prince craft are still fitted here today.

The base has been continually popular, with many customers drawn by the appeal of the Stourport ring.

Above: 1986 brochure

Below: Turn-around day in 1982. Photo by Barrie Mí

March 2007.

Address: The Wharf, Hanbury Road, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B60 4LA